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I need to send a radio to you, What do I do next?

Joseph R asked;

I need to send a radio to you, What do I do next?

If you need to send us a Radio for Decoding or Repair, it’s very important to order the correct Decode or Repair from our website, as this will automatically book your Radio on to our system. Click on the relevant Stereo on our website, purchase the service, and follow all of the Checkout procedures. If you are sending multiple Radios, please make sure that you order multiple Decodes where necessary as this will calculate a price for return delivery back to you. The final checkout page will also have a box for you to include any fault details or special instructions where necessary. Print off the final Checkout page and include a copy in the box with any items that you are sending us. You will also receive a confirmation E-Mail as well. When your Radio arrives here we will then have all your payment and contact details, and can process it without any delay.

Our postage charges shown are based on returning via a Secure Carrier to Mainland UK, and this price will be adjusted automatically depending on how many radios you have selected to send. For our Overseas and (Over Water!) Customers, the price will be automatically adjusted at the Checkout. We will only ship via our own approved Secure Carriers. For those of you wishing to pay in € Euros, this facility is currently only available by PayPal. Please contact us if a delivery solution is not shown for your Country.

-Dave Watts