What is the best way of sending a Radio to you?

Amy P asked;

What is the best way of sending a Radio to you?

If you are sending us a Radio for Decoding or Repair, please ensure that it is safely wrapped in loads of Bubble Wrap, or similar, placed in a sturdy box and then post it to us by some means that not only has a trackable number but also requires a signature when delivered at our end. For extra safety, send us a quick E-Mail with parcel and courier details once sent, and we can also keep an eye open for it at our end.

If you do not have your own Courier facilities, then the Post Office can often provide a number of solutions. Recorded Special Delivery allows you to add extra insurance should you wish, but can be expensive if the parcel exceeds 2Kg. If your parcel is over this weight, ask the Post Office for Parcelforce 48 as can often be much cheaper. They will seldom offer this service without you asking for it.

For the Trade Customers amongst you, or for those sending multiple Radios, we can offer a Courier Collection Service – please contact us for details.

-Dave Watts