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Mazda MX3 Decodes

Some very good news for Mazda MX3 owners with the Multi Function Audio System as we are now able to provide a code solution without the need for sending the radio to us, even if it is locked up and dispaying the ERR message.

Our radio Decoding Database currently has Code solutions for 4584 different models of radio, and our Instant Code Service is really starting to increase in size, with 1429 models now able to be decoded via our fully automated service.

Just added to the Instant Decode Database are four different versions of the Blaupunkt Madison DJ, so if you have lost your code, all you need are the numbers from the label on the side in order to retrieve it online.

And a reminder to those looking for Blaupunkt Keycards and codes. We can supply blank cards via our website, and the codes required to program them yourselves, but they have to be programmed to each individual radio. Should you wish us to supply and program a new card for you, then you will have to send your radio in to us for this service.

Detachable Fascias

If you have lost your Detachable Fascia for your stereo, then before you start to panic, why not check out our lists on here to see if we have one available.

We have been quite busy over the last few days adding some more radios to our fully automated Instant Radio Code service, and these will include the Ferrari Cascade BE6611, and the Mercedes Truckline CC65 as fitted to the heavy haulers. We have also added a few golden oldies to keep the classic car owners happy, and this includes a number of Philips radios as fitted to Peugeot, Landrover and Vauxhall.

Fiat 310 MP3 BSA Medium, Radio Decode

We have just added the Fiat 310 MP3 BSA Medium to our Instant Radio Code Services.

Also added to our fully automated code services are new variants of the Ford LS RNS and Chrysler RB3 Navigation systems.

And not forgeting the Classic Car enthusiasts amongst you, we are more than happy to help you to keep those older radios alive too, and by popular request, we have just added the Rover R670 to our online code services too.

Blaupunkt Madison

We have just added the Blaupunkt Madison to our Instant Radio Code Services.

We have also started to decode the Chrysler NTG4 REZ Navigation systems via our automated services too, and although we only have the P05064248AJ variant listed currently, we would ask you to contact us prior to sending in any other versions, as we may be able to assist by email on these ones.

BMW Radio Decode

The radio decode for the BMW Bavaria C Professional is now available via our fully automated decoding services – simply follow the instructions on the web page for this model to obtain your security code number.

And for those of you viewing this website on a smartphone, don`t forget to go to to download the app to allow you to obtain radio codes numbers via your mobile phone.

Nissan AGC Decode

We have just added the Nissan AGC-0070RF to our workshop decoding services.

Our decoding database contains decode solutions for just over 4500 radios now, and we are pleased to announce that we can now supply codes for just over 30% of these via our fully Automated Instant Code Service via the Internet or your mobile phone.

For those wishing to download our Code App, please visit from your smartphone