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MB Truck Base Low CD player

Heavy Haulers out there in their Mercedes Benz Lorries Content: For the Heavy Haulers out there in their 24V Mercedes Benz Lorries, you will be pleased to know that the 034953 MB Truck Base Low CD player can be decoded using our fully automated and online radio code recovery service. All you need are the numbers from the label on the side of the CD player for us to generate your security code number.

Rover Radio Codes

Classic Rover 800 radio code

If you have a Classic Rover 800 then one of the very rare stereos fitted was the Philips 22dc682/60r XQD10033 RG682 and we can help you with an online radio security code if you need one. Our fully automated decoding site can supply your code instantly, all you need is the engraved number from the side. Click here to get your Rover 800 radio code

Fiat Punto 199 Radio CD Player codes

There are many versions of the Fiat 199 Radio CD Player as fitted to the Fiat Punto Abarth, and like any other radio, it is very important to select the correct make and model from our website in order to obtain the correct code. Please remember that the part number is just as critical as the serial number when ordering a Radio Code from us.
Click here to get your Fiat Punto 199 Radio CD Player code

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Chrysler Ypsilon and Lancia Delta radio codes

The tiny Chrysler Ypsilon is essentially a rebadged Lancia Delta, and promises to provide unrivalled luxury, technology and refinement for a supermini. It’s based on a stretched Fiat Panda platform and comes with five doors and a more upmarket interior. The Bosch 846 Plus SB12N Stereo will still be badged as a Lancia, and whichever flavour you have, we can certainly supply the auto radio code for it via our fully automated website here.