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hi, I have a blaupunkt Cambridge cc31 car stereo cassette and have the original code for it as it is on the factory printout slip enclosed in the handbook. but when try to enter code, the correct original code it just wont accept it. it shows cod then I do exactly as in instructions however it just wont work. why? Im happy to use you to do the code, but if I have the original code which marries up with the serial number, surely this will just give me the same! can you help. or has it possibly been decoded or locked needing a reset? appreciate help

From your description I can only draw one of the following conclusions. Either the radio has had some form of repair to it at some stage and the code has been altered, or, the radio has had too many incorrect code entry attempts previously (you only get a few goes at this) and once the radio goes into its codelocked status, its often possible that even the correct number will no longer work without the radio being reset. Or finally, and the most likely on that model, if as a result of your low / flat battery, you have had some form of spark or voltage spike when either jump starting, charging or connecting a new battery, it can corrupt the data inside the radio meaning it may not accept ANY code, let alone the right one.

Anyway, all is not lost, if the radio needs resetting or data reconstructing, we can certainly do this for you, but it does mean sending the radio over to me. Full details can be found here

Dave Watts

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