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Radio Decoding Database

Not all models can be decoded from their serial number. If you have a stereo that is not shown here on our Instant Radio Code Service, then please check out our main
Radio Decoding Database
Clicking on this link will take you directly to our main decoding database, and there are many thousands of models of radios shown along with the decode solutions that we can offer. Some radios will need to be sent to us for physical reprogramming, and if this is the case, then full costs and instructions for what to do next, and how to get it to us, will be clearly shown.

Skoda Amundsen

We are now able to decode the Skoda Amundsen navigation system – full details can be found on our website.

And as well as the New Skoda Amundsen, we have found a new version of the Skoda Dance, made by Technisat, that has also been upoloaded to our database. A similar model used by Volkswagen, the RNS310 has also been added. We are aware that there are a few different versions of the RNS310 and they will also be added in due course.

We have also Upgraded the Blaupunkt Las Vegas DJ and Mercedes Truckline CC70 to Instant Code status, meaning that these no longer have to be sent in for recoding. A new variant of Mexico Pro CD has also been added to the Instant Code Service.

iCodes Decode service now launched

18th January 2013 

For those of you trying to access our site with a mobile phone trying to get a code, then I`m pleased to say that we have some very exciting news for you with the launch of our new service, the i-Code.

As you are all well aware by now, we launched a fully automated code service a few years back, and we have been listening very carefully to the comments made by some of you who are either stuck in a workshop without computer access, or out on the road on a mobile job with nothing more than your phone in front of you. We fully appreciate how difficult it can be to navigate a website from a phone, and whilst many of you are managing to do this, we thought we would try to make it easier for you. So we have just launched our new service for mobile phones – “The i-Code” This service can be used with any smartphone that has internet access, and how it works is very clever, if we do say so ourselves. We have a new web URL for you (shown below) and if you type this into your phone browser it will not only take you to our new website, but it will automatically detect what device you are running, from Android to Apple, Phone or Tablet, and automatically adjust the visual appearance and settings that are best suited to your device. You can then follow the on screen instructions and drop down lists to enter your radio code information and are then transported to a mobile friendly version of Paypal where payment can be made. Not only is the code information then displayed on your phone, but it is also sent back to you via an email that you can give to our accounts people or keep as a record.

This service will only work with radios that we can supply an Instant Code for, and some models will still need to be sent to us. Full details of which are on our main website.

Ford Radio Codes

Lost the code for your Ford radio? Quick online service available, have your radio running normally in minutes.

Lost the code for your Ford radio? Quick online service available, have your radio running normally in minutes. Ford car radio codes are one of the most popular items on our site. You can have your radio back to normal within minutes and for just under a tenner.

Ford Radio Codes

Philips Radio Codes

We have started to add the Philips range of radios to our automated Instant Radio Code service

With the exception of the Renault radios, most of the Philips models will rely on you being able to identify the 14 digit serial number engraved on the side of the metal chassis. In some cases, this is very faint and can be difficult to see in poor light.

Phillips Radio Codes