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Citroën DS 5

Launched in 2011, the Citroen DS 5 is part of the sub-brand of Citroëns in the DS range.  This elongated hatchback is like a mix between an estate and a hatchback.  The DS 5 is a popular family car in Europe due to the great boot space, yet relative compact size.  The DS 5 also comes in a petrol-hybrid model.

If you are looking for the radio code for a Citroen, use our Instant Code Recovery service.

Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) from the South Korean manufacturer, Kia.  Released in 2002, it comes in both 2 and 4-wheel drive options.  With impressive safety ratings, the Kia Sorento is a versatile vehicle with height for visibility and space for a big family plus groceries.  

If you own a Kia Sorento and need an unlock code for the radio, you can use our online code services.

Radio Decode

This question was asked by
Lee I S Seymour

Hi i recently bought a radio for a peugeot 206 from ebay (risky I know) and we have hooked up the radio but nothing is coming through, I know its nigh on 20+ years and its for my father but we have hit a dead end trying to suss out a code for it. any chance of help?
Model Number PSARCD100-02
prod no. FD0004040298820

Hi there, the PSARCD100 does not actually have a code as it is programmed to the vehicle – if you have a second hand one that needs marrying up to your car, then no problems – have a read of this as it will explain what to do next

Dave Watts

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Volkswagen Golf

German manufacturer, Volkswagen’s best-selling model, the Golf, is a compact size family car.  Known for reliable German engineering and performance, the Golf has been a favourite for decades.  In more recent years, there have been hybrid and electric models of the Volkswagen Golf released.

The Volkswagen system can be decoded by our online code services.

porsche cdr23

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hello just bought a porsche cdr23 cd player pluged it in , protect comes up on the screen its not the orignal one fitted to the car can you help regards lyndon

No problems at all – we can reset the Becker CDR23 so that it can be used in your Porsche – Full details can be found here

Dave Watts

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Blaupunkt decoding

This question was asked by
Joel M

Good morning,

I purchased a Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 49 that will not accepting its code. It has serial number BP9898A3778786 and the code that came with the radio is 5889, which matched the code I received from an online code provisioning service that I purchased as verification. Is this something that you could help me with? The unit powers on and gives 4 dashes for 60 minutes, then displays CODE. I enter the code and press down seek and it goes back to the 4 dashes.

Thank you,
Joel Masters

The Blaupunkt Bremen SQR49 cannot be decoded from its serial number, it isn’t possible and yet people with the el-cheapo ebay calculators keep issuing incorrect codes for them. The only way that model can be decoded is by sending it to us for programming and us physically plugging it into our Blaupunkt decoder. Full details of our service can be found here

Dave Watts

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Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been known as an Opel Corsa and a Vauxhall Nova, amongst other names around the world.  This supermini compact car is known for being economical and great for city driving.  To this day it is one of the most popular small cars in the UK market – unsurprising, given the Corsa’s size and price-point.

If you own an older model of Corsa and need a security code, our online code service can help.

Decoding radio

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Hi, i’ve seen on ebay you have a ‘divorcing’ service for vauxhall adam radios and had a few questions before I place an order.

Firstly, how do I find the part number for the radio?

I bought a replacement adam radio from a local garage, it switches on but displays the lock message. I wasn’t made aware at the time of purchase that the radio required decoding. I was also told that this radio is compatible with my car although I think it is from a slightly newer model (but has all the same connections), would you still be able to decode the radio if I send you a copy of my V5?


I would need some numbers to answer your question – have a look on the label on the top, if it says LSP2GTA anywhere on it, then the answer is a straight yes, we can make it work. If unsure of numbers, then pop a picture on here of that label and I can advise further.

Dave Watts

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Porsche CDR 24

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Ian B

Hi – I have a used Porsche CDR 24 (BE6645) that i wish to fit into a vehicle that it was not originally fitted into. You advertise a service to reset them. Does this service delete the ‘protect’ mode so i can simply plug it into a different vehilce or will i have to obtain the porsche security code to program it to the vehicle i put it into after you have reset it.
Ian Baker

The Porsche CDR24 does not have any sort of Code number as it is programmed to the vehicle ecu. When we reset the identity on them they become plug and play, so will work in your car without any further Porsche involvement providing that you car is of standard guise without a million and one optional extras that may need tweeking and configuring in the car, but seldom happens.

Dave Watts

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Replacement Head Unit

This question was asked by
Ian P

Good afternoon, I have a Fiat Ducato Auto Trail Motorhome which has a factory fitted Xzent X-402 from new, which works but does not give the best reception on the radio or the other functions such as Sat Nav etc. Do you have any ideas, that won’t break the Bank to replace the head unit and give the same functions a lot better?
Thank you

The Xzent X-402 was never a Factory fitted option from Fiat as it is an aftermarket Chinese stereo with a very dubious quality FM tuner – suggest to replace with a quality branded stereo. If funds are tight then maybe look for an older model, but still from a brand such as Pioneer  Alpine / Kenwood or Clarion

Dave Watts

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