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Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta is one of Ford’s mainstay vehicles.  Originally produced in 1976, it has been on the market for generations.  This ultra-compact (supermini) class car comes in 3 and 5-door models and is one of the most popular Fords ever sold.  Each iteration adding safety features and improvements, to make the Ford Focus a perennial favourite, especially in cities, where space is at a premium.

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Volvo Radio Decode

This question was asked by
David Wilson

Hi there
I have a pair of Volvo CR-905 Radio’s for unlocking
Can you help?

We can certainly decode the Volvo CR-905, but we can also offer a step by step procedure for you if you are familiar with basic tools. Foolow this link, and click the red button for your code where you will find a details set of instructions for what to do next

Dave Watts

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Astra radio unlocking

This question was asked by
Mitchell titley

Hi, purchased a astra with no head unit. Fitted a second hand one and comes up locked on screen, seen your website and wanted to make sure it can be done before sending

Hi, No problems at all in reprogramming the Vauxhall LC7S to your Astra. Please remember to enclose a clear photocopy of your V5 as it contains the vehicle information we require to return the unit back to you as plug and play

Dave Watts

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ford 2007 rds

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i have a 2007 rds ford stereo which i need a code but when i turn it on it doesnt come up with the code only the registration of the car also some of the lcd display is missing is this something you can repair if i send it of to you

Hi, The registration number sometimes comes up if programmed by the previous owner, but we can also change this for you if the details are incorrect – As far as the display goes, we still have limited spares here for the Ford 7000 RDS model, but I’m confident that we may be able to sort it out for you – details of our repair service can be found here

Dave Watts

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Phillips R660

This question was asked by
Paul M

Hi David,

I purchased (from eBay) a second hand R660 to fit into my Rover Mini (for originality). It was cheap and without code which I thought would be a simple on line decode.
Having chosen Kevin at MMSA to do the decode, it transpires that the unit serial number is above the list of numbers on the database for coding. The serial number is RG349FY1173250. He suggested I contact you as you maybe able to decode it? I note you are in Paignton so not too far from me in North Devon. I have powered the unit up but obviously without a code can’t guarantee the unit is 100%. The panel illuminates except for the LCD display although it can still be read (I assume a faulty neon). The tape deck does actually work mechanically. My plan was to convert to bluetooth using one of the proprietary Bluetooth circuit boards but if it is too dear to decode I may just bin it….appreciate your advice as to cost etc to decode.

Apologies for delayed reply due to Annual Holiday. If your Rover R660 serial number is not in the database, then do not worry s we can certainly help by decoding it the old fashioned way of plugging it into our machine here at our workshop. Full details can be found here

Dave Watts

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Renault Kadjar

The Renault Kadjar is similar in size to the Nissan Qashqai.  This crossover SUV was launched in Europe in 2015 and comes equipped with Renault’s R Link 2 infotainment system, including voice control, navigation, Bluetooth and radio.  The Renault Kadjar was replaced by the Renault Austral in 2022.

The Renault Kadjar system can be decoded by our online code services.

Renault Radio Codes

Dacia Duster

The Dacia Duster is made by a Romanian subsidiary of Renault.  The Dacia Duster range has been available in a variety 2 and 4-wheel-drive crossover SUV style vehicles over the years.  Released in Europe in 2010, the Dacia range of vehicles has become known for reliability at a great price. 

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Dacia Radio Codes