Monthly Archives: November 2013

Vauxhall Touch & Connect Code

We now have a workshop decode solution for the Vauxhall Touch & Connect Navigation system as fitted to the the Corsa.

We have been rearranging some sections of the website, after some of you commented that you were unable to find our lists of detachable fascias, or spare parts, so we have now put a new category on the left hand side that will also include some lasers and CD mechs in due course.

We also have a decode solution for those of you with the Sony DAB units in the Ford Kuga and have locked them out, and are proud to announce that we can now unlock them if they are sent in to us.

For those of you playing at decoding yourselves, we have know introduced a new chipset to our services, and can now supply FIS codes upon submission of the appropriate memory dumps.

Car Radio Codes Online

If you have ever visited a garage or ran a flat battery only to be left with a useless radio that demands a code to function again, then you have had the pleasure of dealing with anti-theft measures.

In the likelihood that you are not a Car radio thief, then this is understandably rather rubbish, if you’ve tried to contact your dealer or seller to find the code, you might find that they want to charge you to retrieve the code.These costs are usually extortionately high and either the price they demand is too much or you have principles and endeavour to find an alternative solution.

In which case, a more cost effective solution would be to check for car radio codes online, as most car radios have been decoded and you will be able to retrieve your code with ease (assuming you are the owner of said radio)

For a nominal fee you could quickly pop onto our car radio database and find your cars make and model, punch in the serial and done. You will be able to get your cars radio code in minutes.