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Blaupunkt Madison

We have just added the Blaupunkt Madison to our Instant Radio Code Services.

We have also started to decode the Chrysler NTG4 REZ Navigation systems via our automated services too, and although we only have the P05064248AJ variant listed currently, we would ask you to contact us prior to sending in any other versions, as we may be able to assist by email on these ones.

Lost or misplaced your Blaupunkt car stereo security code


If you have lost or misplaced your Blaupunkt car stereo security code number then we can certainly help you to recover it. All of the numbers you will need to use our decoding services can be found on the label on the side of your radio. First of all, you will need to correctly identify your own Blaupunkt model number and this is often the name of a town or city. The Blaupunkt label will also show a part number that is 10 digits long, usually starting with the number 7. With this information from your own radio, you can then have a look on the Blaupunkt Radio Decode section of our  website where instructions can be found with regards to recovering your code number. Click here to access the Blaupunkt radio decode service