Can stolen Car Stereos be Decoded?

Chris T asked;

Can stolen Car Stereos be Decoded?

Yes! There is nothing to prevent a Stolen Car Stereo from being Decoded.

So don’t be surprised if we ask you to prove ownership of the Radio. We have a very close rapport with both the local and national Police, and often check up on reported serial numbers. We have identified lots of stolen Radios to date, assisted with many prosecutions, and we always pass on information to the Police if we are at all suspicious.

If you suspect that your Radio may have previously been stolen, it may be very unwise to send it to us! If you have had a Stereo stolen, and you have the full model number, serial number, Police crime number, and can prove ownership with receipts, then please E-Mail us with your details, and we will add them to our own Database. Because we cover the UK and most of Europe with our Services, there is a good chance that we may even find it via another Car Audio Dealer sending it in for Decoding, unaware of its history! When we do find them, we always pass on the information to the local authorities.

-Dave Watts