So Where Is Your Radio Code Number?

Jake S asked;

So Where Is Your Radio Code Number?

Firstly, lets dispel a common myth here, and I say this on behalf of every Garage, Motor Trader, Car Audio Shop and back street Mechanic. If the battery has to be disconnected from a car to work on it, and the stereo asks for the security code to be entered when it is reconnected, it is the sole responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to provide the code – and shouting at the guy repairing your car is a really dumb thing to do, as he may not then help you to recover or enter it, should it appear.

Also, bear in mind that whoever is working on your car is being paid by the hour by yourself, and like many others, we too certainly impose an extra hourly charge for rummaging through a mountain of paperwork and service history in the glovebox if we are simply told that the number is probably in there somewhere, and often whilst searching for the correct code passport, we will be presented with numerous scraps of paper, out of date receipts and many other items with numbers randomly scribbled on them.

But think about it, the code number as supplied by the Manufacturers and Dealers was never going to be a scribble on a fag packet, and random numbers on the back of a receipt could be absolutely anything. But also be aware that trial and error can cost you dearly in most cases, as you only have a limited number of code entry attempts.
So what exactly are you looking for? What does a radio code look like?

Although not an exhaustive list, shown below are some of the Code Cards that are supplied by the manufacturer, and this is what you are looking for. If you don’t have something that looks like this, don’t start guessing and entering any numbers you find – as too many wrong attempts can permanently kill some stereos!

But if all else fails, and you really do not have or know your code number, it is not the end of the world, after all, that is what we are here for!!

Have a look at the DECODE section of our website and the instructions will be there for the recovery of your Code Number.

-Dave Watts